Its Black Friday! Shop Skincare for Every Skin Type

It’s that time of year again! Stock up on clean, clinical and luxurious skincare for the holiday season with the COSMEDIX Black Friday sale. Shop online November 27th to receive 30% off Sitewide!

Buying gifts for friends and family can be a bit of a daunting task, but COSMEDIX has you covered. Take the guess work out of holiday gift-giving with our simple guide to skin. Just match the skin type to a loved one in mind and you can shop our hand-picked recommendations. After all, who doesn’t want  healthier, smoother-looking skin this holiday season?

Dry Skin

If you have a family member or friend that seems to always have moisturizer on hand, then they most likely fall into this category. A dry skin type is just what is sounds like—a dry complexion that is begging for a dose of all-day hydration. Often accompanied by redness, dullness or flakey skin, people with this skin type are just waiting for someone (i.e. you) to give them the gift of a softer, suppler-looking complexion with these bestselling COSMEDIX skin care products:

Purity Solution | Formulated with a nutrient-rich blend of botanical oils, this Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil gently washes away dirt and oil and conditions the skin with radiance boosting vitamins.

Surge | A hyaluronic acid booster with Kiwi Water and Niacinamide that instantly hydrates the deeper layers of skin for a complexion that is both nourished and plumper-looking.

Normal Skin

Not too dry. Not too oily. Those with a normal skin type are the lucky winners of a complexion that knows a thing or two about balance. The rare few blessed with this skin type are easy to spot, thanks to their even skin tone, smooth complexion and minimal skin imperfections. Though fairly low in maintenance, normal skin types can benefit from a multi-tasking face mask or preventative serum:

Cell ID| This Nutritive Defense Serum is a multitasking treatment that helps address fine lines, moisturizes the skin and refines the look of uneven texture.

Micro| Heklp eep skin balanced and hydrated in the cooler months with this Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask. Formulated with prebiotics and nourishing oils, this bestselling microbiome defense face mask helps replenish the skin with beneficial flora and rejuvenate the appearance of a dull complexion.

Oily Skin

Often armed with a translucent powder, the tell-tale sign of oily skin is a bright or shiny appearance. Due to an overproduction of sebum in the skin, this complexion type usually struggles with congested pores or blackheads. Indulge your bestie, mom or husband with the gift of better-looking skin this holiday with COSMEDIX picks for an oily complexion:

Clarify | Formulated with Salicylic Acid, this foaming cleanser is ideal for oily skin types and those with blemish prone skin that need a boost of pore-refining ingredients. This lightweight cleanser helps lift away pore-clogging impurities while deep cleaning the skin and helping to soothe a sensitive complexion.

Shineless| This Oil-Free Moisturizer quenches the skin with balanced hydration. Packed with Liliac Stem Cells and Niacinamide, Shineless helps control the appearance of oil while helping restore the look of brightness and hydration to the skin.

Combination Skin

A combination skin type typically includes a mix of both dry and oily skin. The T-zone area often struggles with excess oil, while the other parts of the face are more dry or normal. Have a friend or loved one with combo skin? Make their holiday season merry and bright with COSMEDIX skin care products that helps restore balance, hydrate the skin and refine the look of the complexion:

Clear| Featuring Kaolin Clay and Tea Tree Oil, this clarifying mask traps excess oil and impurities as soothing botanical oils help hydrate the skin for a clearer, more vibrant-looking complexion.

Mystic| This Hydrating Treatment is a skin care routine must for a skin-pampering refreshment of instant hydration. Ideal for use post facial treatments, like a peel, or as an everyday skin care boost of hydration, Mystic also doubles as a primer and setting spray to help moisturize the skin and keep your makeup in place.

There’s A New Mask in Town: Everything You Need to Know About the Gel Mask Hype

Bubble, cream, sheet and mud—it is true that face masks come in many different forms. As a product that was once all about a moment of at-home indulgence, face masks have now become a key step in many weekly skin care routines. Trendy for a good reason, these luxe facial treatments are praised for their personalized take on skincare:

“When it comes to finding the right formula, your options are, quite literally, endless. No matter whether your complexion concern is spots, sagging, dehydration, dullness (you get the picture), there’s a mask for that.” -Byrdie

The most recent face mask to experience a surge in popularity is the luxe and lightweight Gel Mask. Designed to hydrate and nourish the skin, this skin-loving formula is the talk-of-the-town for those who struggle with ‘winter skin’.  So, if you’ve been on the lookout for something to help tame cool weather dryness, listen up! COSMEDIX is about to dive deep into the all you need to know about gel masks, plus a sneak peek into our latest Elite launch!

So, What Are the Benefits of a Gel Mask?

Gel masks are the lighter alternative to mud masks and sheet masks. Usually made with a fun, jelly-like texture, these bouncy facial treatments wrap the skin in an invigorating and cooling sensation. Gel masks are typically formulated with a special focus on hydration, which makes them a match made in heaven for sensitive and dry skin types. They also tend to have a soothing effect on the skin, which is why the gel formula made its first appearance in the form of an under-eye treatment. Basically, you can think of them as a tall glass of water for a parched or lackluster complexion.

Any Special Ingredients I Can Expect?

Of course! Because gel masks tote moisture-rich benefits, they often contain skincare ingredients that help quench the skin and lock in hydration. Fruit extracts and marine complex are common in gel masks, as they help protect, calm and nourish the complexion. These lightweight masks also contain chemical exfoliants to help gently lift away dry surface skin for a complexion that feels softer and smoother.

Does COSMEDIX have a Gel Mask?

We do now! COSMEDIX just launched the first gel mask to join the Elite collection: Awaken Replenishing Gel Mask.

What Sets Awaken Apart from the Rest?

Maybe we are biased, but the Awaken Replenishing Gel Mask is something truly special! First, this cooling mask is part of COSMEDIX Elite collection—a spa exclusive line that features clinical level ingredients with potent, yet gentle formulas. No prescription needed here! Awaken is also the first gel mask to join the line and was made with our clean, clinical and luxurious skincare standards.

This cooling gel mask is packed with a superfruit extract, Marine Algae Complex, and Polyhydroxy Acids to help gently exfoliate the skin while adding a dose of deep hydration that lasts. Awaken is also formulated with a unique blend of powerful prebiotics that restore beneficial flora to the skin for a more balanced and protected complexion.

Where Can I Experience All this Gel Goodness?

COSMEDIX Elite collection is exclusively available with our spa partners. To learn more about the Awakening Replenishing Gel Mask go to COSMEDIX.COM and find the spa nearest you to purchase. Check out our Spa Locator.

It’s Peel Season: Find the Chemical Peel Fit for You

Peel the love this holiday season with winter’s favorite spa treatment. Chemical peels are a fabulous way to hit “reset” on the complexion, and while you can opt in for a peel anytime of the year, the cooler months are definitely an optimal time to schedule this spa exclusive appointment.

New to the Facial Peel game? COSMEDIX is here to answer some of your burning peel skincare questions and give you a breakdown of which COSMEDIX peel treatments we recommend for your skin!

So, what is a Chemical Peel?

Let’s start with the basics. A chemical peel is skincare technique performed ONLY by a trained aesthetician (no trying this at home, kids). The goal of this specific peel treatment is to help remove dry skin and impurities on the outermost layer of skin to help reveal the smooth, supple skin underneath.

What is the downtime after treatment?

Well, that depends. Peels are available in different levels, with lower level peels usually requiring little to no downtime. On the other hand, high level peels can cause moderate to severe skin flaking, which is why clients are instructed to stay out of the sun and follow a strict skin care routine. This is also why winter is often the best time to book your chemical peel!

Consult your aesthetician or find a spa near you to find the level that is right for you. COSMEDIX chemical peels range from low Level 1 to a moderate Level 2!

What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

Every peel is different, but common benefits include a brighter complexion, smoother skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, a more even skin tone and radiant-looking skin. You can always choose a peel that addresses specific skincare concerns for a more “targeted” result. What’s not to love?

COSMEDIX Chemical Peel Recommendations:

For the Peel Beginner: Pomegranate Peel (Level 1)

If you’re a newbie to the game of peels, the low-level Pomegranate Peel is the perfect place to start. Made with Fruit Enzymes and Lactic Acid, this antioxidant-rich treatment works with all skin types to help lift away dry skin and brighten the complexion. And, the best part? Unlike its stronger counterparts, this gentle peel works at the surface level so that you can carry on with your day while experiencing minimal skin peeling.

For Blemish-Prone Skin: Clarity Peel (Level 1 + Retinol)

Give skin a moment of Clarity with this Exfoliating and Clarifying Treatment. If stubborn blemishes and congested skin are your skincare concerns, then this Level 1 Peel with retinol was made for you. Formulated specifically for blemish-prone and oily skin types, Clarity features two chemical exfoliants—Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid—and Vitamin A to help refine and clarify the look of skin as it washes away pore-clogging impurities.

For Uneven Skin Tone and Texture: Deep Sea Peel (Level 2)

Uneven skin tone and texture is a common skincare concern that can be addressed with the proper facial peel. If smooth skin is what you seek, ask your aesthetician about the COSMEDIX Deep Sea Peel. This polishing treatment is part chemical exfoliant, part manual scrub that helps resurface the complexion while improving the look of uneven skin.

For the Peel Pro: Timeless (Level 2 + Retinol)

Made for the peel expert, Timeless Peel is COSMEDIX highest level peel that helps dramatically improve the look of skin. With 30% AGP Retinol Complex and 30% Lactic Acid, this age-defying peel contains  the highest level of potent ingredients to encourage healthy skin renewal while improving the look of wrinkles and pigmentation. Powerful results may include mild to moderate skin flaking.

Check out our spa finder here to find your local COSMEDIX aesthetician and learn more about what peel might be best for you!

All Is Lumi and Bright: Introducing COSMEDIX Holiday Kits

What a year it has been! Finally, the holiday season is about to roll in, and COSMEDIX is here to bundle you up with the coolest products in skincare. Whether you’re on the gift market for a loved one or yourself, the COSMEDIX Holiday Kits are sure to add a touch of LUMInous and glow to your holiday celebrations. With a best-selling Lumi Crystal duo and the perfect brightening skincare pair, you can give the gift of radiant-looking skin, eyes and lips to those you hold dear.

Brightening Boost | Ultimate Glow Kit

Help restore a luminous-looking complexion with Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum and Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals. This radiant skincare duo works together to help rejuvenate the look of dull skin while helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with potent antioxidants and exfoliating ingredients, the Ultimate Glow Kit aids in protection from environmental stressors to help revive the look of skin and reduce the look of uneven tone and texture.

Simply Brilliant Brightening Serum

  • Combines 10 brightening ingredients to help improve the look of uneven skin tone.
  • Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates skin to help smooth skin texture and boost product absorption.

Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals

  • 100% L-Ascorbic Acid helps brighten the skin and reduce the look of fine lines.
  • Crystallized formula can be mixed with serums and moisturizers to help boost results.

Liquid Crystal Luxe | Bestselling Liquid Crystal Must-Haves for Eyes and Lips

Stock up on COSMEDIX revolutionary Liquid Crystal Technology. This specially curated kit features fan-favorites—Lumi Crystal Liquid Crystal Lip Hydrator and Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum—to help quench the eyes and lips with long-lasting hydration. Powered with uber-hydrating and age-defying ingredients, this award-winning eye serum helps brighten under eye circles and smooth fine lines while our high-shine lip hydrator helps plump the look of lips for kissable definition.

Lumi Crystal Liquid Crystal Hydrator

  • Helps hydrate and soften the look of lips with the power of Liquid Crystals
  • Features a plumping peptide to help reduce the look of fine lines and encourage a fuller-looking pout.

Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum

  • Infused with Spin Trap and Alpha-Lipioc Acid to help protect from environmental stressors.
  • Coconut and Liquid Crystals provide deep hydration and help soften the look of fine lines and dark circles.

Starting as a COSMEDIX Aesthetician with Kasey Boone

You ask and you shall receive! I feel like I have been getting an influx of DMs recently about Cosmedix and specifically what to order in your back bar as a new Cosmedix esthetician.

I have to say that I’m so happy that so many of you are choosing to work with Cosmeidx. I have been using the line for almost 10 years. I love their products and so do my clients!

I do have to say that it can be difficult to suggest Back bar, because Back Bar is such a personal thing for each esthetician and there are so many factors that play into Back Bar like… Amount of clients you see, what type of skin and concerns you typically treat. 

What I’m going to do is breakdown my MUST HAVES in my back bar and hopefully this will help you narrow down your decision. You are free to take what you like and of course add more then what is suggested but this for the esty on a budget who wants to make the most of their Cosmedix Back Bar. The cool things with Cosmedix is the products are so versatile. I hope you enjoy the breakdown below and if you have a question drop them in the comments section below.


Purity Solution Oil cleanser that can also be used as a make-up remover and massage medium.

Purity CleanGreat as an exfoliating cleanser but can also be applied to dry skin as a 5-min exfoliating mask.

Benefit Clean– The perfect gentle cleanser for ALL skin types, can also be used as a make-up remover


Pure Enzymes This is one of my favvvv products, seriously it works wonders on the skin. Use it as an exfoliation in your service, use it as a mask, I even use this as a cranberry enzyme peel in some of my services. This enzyme will not make you physically peel but it can make you red, which is totally normal!

Detox The best clay mask on the market in my opinion that draw out impurities with out drying out the skin. Pro tip layer this on top of Pure enzymes for that Red Carpet Ready Glow.

Clear– If you are looking for the mask to treat congestion, acne and breakouts this is my go to. Apply to the entire face or as a spot treatment. For clients with very oily skin you can apply this again over Pure Enzymes to really BOOST the treatment.

RestoreI love restore! It smells great with scents of mango and papaya and it is so hydrating. This can be used as a hydrating mask as well as a light moisturizer or “sleep-mask” If using on your clients as a sleep mask use a dime sized amount and press into the skin.

Glow- Glow mask can be used as a brightening exfoliator because of its bamboo extract and as well as a brightening treatment that should be left on for 5-10 mins.

Other Must Haves

Purity BalanceGreat as an exfoliating toner, a degreaser and acne treatment.

Mystic– Can be used as a light, oil-free hydrator, toner and I even use this in my oxygen sprayer for a deep hydration and that glazed doughnut effect.

GLOW-TIP- Always finish off your facial treatment with an eye and lip serum.

Opti Crystal– My go-to eye serum for everyone

Lumi Crystal– My go-to lip hydrator for everyone

I Hope this helps you when it comes to ordering you back bar what how to use these amazing and versatile products that I love so much.

Xoxoxo Kasey