4 Ways to Stay Sun Safe

It's heating up outside, which means more of your skin will be exposed to the environment. As the temperature rises, you must take the necessary precautions to care for your body and your skin. These tips aren't just for extended stays under the sun, like lounging on your favorite beach or dancing all day at your favorite music festival – these are daily tips to consider for healthier skin all year long.

Protect Your Skin

The key with sunscreen is to use it correctly – remember to wear it often and reapply throughout the day as directed. Moisturizers with built-in SPF and antioxidants are the easiest way to make sure your skin stays protected. COSMEDIX's Hydrate + with SPF 17 fits in most medium-sized handbags, and COSMEDIX's Reflect with SPF 30 is great for on-the-go application. Its spray formula makes it super handy for a quick midday spritz all over the body.

Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses aren't just for the cool factor – you should invest in a really good pair. The goal of sunglasses should be to filter UVA, UVB and blue light from the delicate area around the eyes that can show lines, wrinkles and dehydration the fastest. Also, opt for polarized lenses if possible. They help reduce eye strain, eliminate glare, increase visual clarity and enhance contrast and depth perception. Finally, a few dots of non-retinol eye cream with antioxidants will help, too. COSMEDIX's Eye Genius has free radical-fighting antioxidants to defend skin from environmental stress that can cause inflammation and damage to collagen and elastin.

Protect Your Head

There is a reason why athletes where hats at ball games – the bill protects their eyes and face from the sun and improves their visibility. Though a cap is a good start, it's best to wear a hat with a wide brim four inches or better to protect your scalp, face and ears when spending time outside. These are sensitive areas that can burn after only 20 minutes. And, let's be honest even though we should put sunscreen behind our ears and on our scalp, most of us forget.

Protect Your Body

Surfers know a thing or two about sun protection. Their long sleeve and cropped-legged clothes aren't just protecting them from being smacked by waves. It also protects their skin from the sun that is reflecting off the water and rinsing off their sunblock. A neoprene bodysuit isn't for everyone, however protecting your skin from the sun with long sleeves and loose clothing can offer an additional level of sun protection to keep your skin in top condition, especially if you have fair or sensitive skin.

For more information about sun protection, watch our video.


Why Adult Women Still Have Acne

adult, women, acne, hormones

The beauty industry talks about aging all the time. It makes some people uncomfortable. What we don't always talk about is whether our acne regimen is age appropriate. There is not a one-treatment-fits all for acne. It is important to understand what role hormones may play in acne breakouts outside of teenage years. Studies have shown that acne breakouts can appear into your 50s. However, what stimulated your blemishes during puberty versus your adult years may have shifted over time.

Women in child-bearing age may experience acne due to changes in their reproductive system. Long-term contraceptive methods using progesterone can cause undesirable side effects include nervousness, rash, headache, acne, skin or hair problems – among others. Women using birth control or anyone on a prescription medication should ask their doctor about the visual side effects of their drug therapy.

Hormones can be the culprit for adult acne. Sebaceous glands, collagen production and hyaluronic acid €” naturally found in the skin €” are influenced by hormones. When the body's estrogen, testosterone or androgen hormone levels are off balance, the skin produces more sebum. As women age, older skin may be more prone to irritation, lack of elasticity, dryness and slower natural exfoliation. This means the skin is not functioning in a way that could avoid clogged follicles and rebalance itself to suppress breakouts.

According to “Skin Aging and Sex Hormones in Women Clinical Perspectives for Intervention by Hormone Replacement Therapy” published in Experimental Dermatology, studies have shown the positive influence of hormone replacement therapy on skin aging. Phytohormones can have “estrogen-like” effects for those that suffer from an estrogen deficiency. To put it simply, if your acne is hormonal, phytohormones help create balance in the body which can stop acne all together.

It also has other skin-changing effects. These plant-derived hormones have been shown to help reduce the look of wrinkles and inflammation. Boris Entrup explains in Beauty 40+: 24 Beautiful Step-by-Step Looks, “(Phytohormones) help the skin to store more moisture and aid in the creation of more collagen and elastin resulting in a former, smoother appearance.”

Why You Should See an Aesthetician for Your Acne

aesthetician acne

Acne the four-letter word that everyone hates, especially people who suffer from it. Treating acne yourself is difficult, and if you're unsure of your exact skin type, it can be nearly impossible to create a regimen that will give you the clear skin you desire. Trying every over-the-counter spot treatment isn't going to give you long-term results so where do you turn? If you're struggling with acne, an aesthetician will be able to help transform your skin. Not only will they give you expert advice on how to deal with your acne, but they can also give you custom treatments to prolong and optimize your results.

Expert Advice

Aestheticians are trained and educated in skin care and concerns meaning they know a lot more than most of us about prolonged skin health and how to treat acne. Your aesthetician will conduct a skin analysis to recommend the best treatments for your skin during your spa visits, and create the best regimen for you to go home with. They can also give you advice on how to alter your diet and lifestyle choices at home to maintain your clear skin. If you have questions about your skin type, the causes of your acne and more, ask them!

Custom Treatments

Whether your acne requires a series of peels, extractions or gentle facials, an aesthetician will be able to customize your regimen and treatment program both in the spa and in between visits at home based on your skin type. COSMEDIX spa partners are trained by our educators on how to use our treatments and products to maximize results ultimately enabling them to get rid of your blemishes for good.

Relaxation & Pampering

Managing your acne can sometimes feel like a full-time job a stressful one at that. Getting a treatment is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and unwind. Allow your aesthetician to give your skin some TLC, and relax knowing that you are getting the best treatment for your skin type.