Getting the Most Out of Vitamin C

Cosmedix - Getting the Most Out of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a skin care powerhouse. It is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration. However, Vitamin C poses a challenge for skin care companies due to its hydrophilic nature – which proves to be problematic for use in liquid and cream-based products. It degrades in these solutions and becomes less effective. For optimal effectiveness, a high concentration must be applied topically without degrading.

COSMEDIX has built a reputation for rethinking the way products are packaged and even delivered to the skin. With Pure C, COSMEDIX uses a purification technology that synthesizes Vitamin C into its purest form, commonly called 100% L-ascorbic acid. The crystals can be mixed with any serum or exfoliating cream to dramatically enhance its brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits by delivering the highest concentration and delaying liquid solubility until the moment of application.

Pure C can easily be incorporated into existing regimens. For instance, a person battling hyperpigmentation might mix it with a brightening serum like Simply Brilliant for added spot reduction. Someone concerned with premature aging might add Pure C to a firming serum or exfoliating cream like Affirm or Defy, respectively. For COSMEDIX, the success of its innovative vitamin powder is proof positive that thinking outside of the box€”or bottle€”pays off.

UnMASKing Fresh, Radiant Skin

Masks for acne

When suffering from acne, you may be tempted to do anything and everything you can to cover your blemishes and bumps. Layering on foundation and concealer to hide the issue, it can sometimes feel like you are wearing a mask. Why not try a real mask that helps the issue rather than cover it up?

Let it Go

Utilizing makeup to camouflage your breakouts can cause more damage or aggravate your skin. Using pore-clogging makeup, dirty tools and sponges, as well as leaving makeup on while sleeping, are big no-no's when trying to achieve smooth, acne-free skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly and adding a purifying mask to your weekly skincare routine can do wonders!

Mask On, Mask Off

Not only are masks a fun way to unwind and pamper yourself, but they are also a quick and easy addition to your regimen. While there are many beautiful masks on the market, not all are effective.

The Clear Deep Cleansing Mask by COSMEDIX is a must-have to help achieve flawless skin! Clear works to draw out pore-clogging impurities, such as makeup, and helps balance oil production with a combination of kaolin clay, salicylic acid and sulfur. It can be used all over the face and neck as a spot treatment or even on pesky body acne. The cool green color is not only a notable feature for your Instagram posts, but it is derived from soothing botanicals. Layer Clear Mask over the COSMEDIX serum Clarity to give your blemishes a double dose of pimple-fighting power!

Makeup is great, but clear and healthy skin is even better. Layer on Clear Mask by COSMEDIX one to two times a week before bed to start your journey to unmasking fresh radiant skin.