A Piece Of Toast's Cosmedix Skincare Treatment at the Corinthian Wellness Spa in Southlake

To celebrate National Aesthetician month, COSMEDIX continues to invite beauty influencers across the nation to experience a facial treatment at their local COSMEDIX Spa Partner. This time, beauty influencer Molly from A Piece Of Toast paid a visit to the Corinthian Wellness Spa in Southlake, Texas for her customized treatment.


“Needless to say, I walked away from the lovely Corinthian Spa with happy, healthy skin and a few new COSMEDIX products that I have been incorporating into my daily routine per [my aesthetician's] expert advice.” Molly


These are the products that Molly turned to after her personalized recommendation with her aesthetician, Ann



At night Molly uses€¦

  • Purity Solution, a nourishing deep cleansing oil that gently removes and emulsifies any excess makeup or sunscreen residue and environmental impurities, while nourishing oils keep the skin radiant and moisturized. Pump this solution in to your dry palms, massage all over face and rinse off without stripping your skin.
  • Purity Detox Scrub, a multi-layer detoxification system with salicylic acid that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to absorb active ingredients. This gentle exfoliator leaves your skin feeling smoother, brighter-looking and clear while reducing the appearance of visible pores and imperfections. Use half a teaspoon of the granules and mix with water or your favorite cleanser, then gently rub in to necessary areas of the face focusing on the T-zone.
  • Serum 16, a rapid renewal serum, that stimulates and renews your skin. It dramatically reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles with microencapsulated Retinol Complex. Loaded with Vitamin E this serum is perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin. Molly uses this product once every other night, after applying toner and oil, but before applying moisturizer.
  • Simply Brilliant, is our 24/7 brightening serum, which can be used during the day or at night. It can be employed as a spot treatment on blemishes that are new or healing, to help prevent hyperpigmentation and scaring, or all over the face to target pigmentation. Apply a small amount of this product to freshly cleansed and toned skin. Follow with additional recommended moisturizer and/or daily sunscreen. Pro Tip: Mix with Pure C for an added boost.
  • Opti Crystal, is a liquid crystal eye serum that provides deep hydration to the eye area and radically reduces the look of dark circles, fine lines and crow's feet. Patting a pin-sized drop around eye area is enough to brighten your complexion.

During the day Molly uses€¦

  • Radiance, an age restorative serum that adds instant radiance to the skin, nourishing and retaining moisture while reversing the visible appearance of aging, lackluster skin. Molly applies this serum after using a gentle cleanser and toner to achieve that perfect glow.
  • Pure C, these vitamin C mixing crystals are 100% pure L-ascorbic acid €” the most potent, stable form of vitamin C €” in a unique age-defying mixing powder. Vitamin C helps with skin turnover, preventing acne and breakouts. Molly says it has helped with her evening out her skin tone, improved her skin texture and increased exfoliation. She says she's seen instant results! Use this product by mixing the crystals (a few shakes) with any of your favorite COSMEDIX serums or moisturizers and apply to face.
  • Reflect, a lightweight broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen is a physical, oil-free, spray-dispensed sunscreen that won't clog pores and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive and oil-prone skin types. It's a great alternative for those that don't like wearing a heavy sunscreen. To use, hold the container 4 to 6 inches from the skin to apply. Do not spray directly onto face, instead spray the formula on to your hands, then apply to the face avoiding eye areas.


 “Skincare should never be an afterthought and aestheticians should never be overlooked as experts in the field.”  – Molly


See an aesthetician today and find out how to best take care of your skin!


Serein Wu's Cosmedix Skincare Treatment at Jenny Wax


During the month of October, COSMEDIX has invited a handful of beauty influencers across the nation to experience a facial treatment at their local COSMEDIX Spa Partner. Last week, beauty influencer, Serein Wu, paid a visit to Jenny Wax in Santa Monica, California for her customized treatment.

Serein's aesthetician began with an essential step to any treatment a double cleanse. She used the Cosmedix Purity Solution, which is an oil based cleanser guaranteed to remove all remains of makeup, oil buildup and other chemicals on the skin.

Next, Serein's aesthetician used an exfoliating cleanser (Purity Clean) and the Purity Detox to exfoliate and revive her skin, before moving on to extractions to professionally clear her pores without causing capillary breakage or infection.

Next, Serein's aesthetician used a combination mask of Clear and Rescue + to hydrate and draw out pore-clogging impurities from the skin.

As a final step, Affirm €“ a supercharged serum packed with peptides and antioxidants was applied to help defend against harmful free radicals.

Note that all steps in Serein's treatment were customized to her personal skin concerns. All skin types are different and the most important thing about visiting a professional aesthetician is familiarizing yourself with the perfect skincare routine for you.

See an aesthetician today and find out how to best take care of your skin!


Celebrate National Aesthetician Month!

At COSMEDIX, we believe that skin care is not a luxury. The treatment of your body's largest organ deserves your daily attention. It is why we recommend that you see a skin care professional at least once a month to not only reach your skin goals but to make sure you are maintaining optimum skin health.

Aestheticians are there to help from the start of your first visit. They are your first line of defense when you are facing skin issues. Their thorough knowledge of skin care helps them assess and remedy your lingering skin concerns. With a few questions and deep observation, they can provide a detailed skin analysis while factoring in your lifestyle, your physical health and desired outcome. This information helps you achieve the results you want and avoid wasting your time and money on products or treatments that irritate rather than restore your skin back to health.


We develop such a close relationship with our aesthetician. They listen to our insecurities and their advice is honest and real. Their professional touch helps you rid your skin of irritation, acne, discoloration and signs of aging.  And, their sound advice helps you achieve the results you are looking to see and feel. Moreover, we leave our precious skin in their hands because we trust them.

We founded National Aesthetician Day on October 15th and made it a month-long  celebration to honor skin care professionals across the nation. We want to shine the light on often overlooked aestheticians and the amazing expertise they can bring to your skin. Stay tuned for a month of exciting skin care treatments, beauty tips for you to try at home and features from a few of the most discerning skin care influencers in the country.
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Melasma: The Dark Side of Pregnancy

Cosmedix -The Dark Side of Pregnancy - Melasma

Often called the ‘mask of pregnancy,’ Melasma affects an estimated five to six million American women. Although the precise cause is unknown, melasma €” also known as chloasma €”in pregnant women is a relatively common skin condition characterized by patchy, tan to gray-brown facial discolorations. Melasma occurs when the skin is prompted to produce more melanin, or pigment, than normal. As a result, dark, irregular patches form, notably on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and/or chin.

The condition can last anywhere from several months to a lifetime if untreated. The almost exclusively female condition is estimated to affect 50-70% of pregnant women in the U.S.€”usually in the second to third trimester. Melasma is more prevalent among those of Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and African origin, and those taking oral and topical contraceptives.

In many cases, the telltale signs of melasma lessen or vanish following childbirth or cessation of birth control as hormones stabilize. However, even in these instances, it can take months€”even years€”for the skin to regain uniformity. Fortunately, advances in professional skin care have made treatment of this condition both effective and practical.

Target Pigment Overproduction

The first step in combating melasma is curbing the activity of the hyperactive melanocytes, pigment-producing cells in the skin. Topical skin brighteners that inhibit the melanin-stimulating enzyme tyrosinase can effectively limit pigment overproduction and keep the condition from worsening.

When considering a skin brightener, pay close attention to the key brightening agent. Research recently revealed that the industry’s most popular brightener, hydroquinone, may cause irritation, permanently stain the skin and pose a cancer risk. As an alternative, many skin care professionals now recommend natural brightening agents such as azelaic acid, licorice and mulberry.

Once melanin production is under control, peels and resurfacing treatments can effectively help lift away discoloration by accelerating cell turnover, ‘pushing’ affected skin cells to the surface where they are eventually shed. However, since even the slightest irritation can worsen hyperpigmented skin, it is important to look for treatments that are non-traumatic. Chirally-correct products reduce the risk of trauma dramatically by eliminating the potential for contact irritation common in less refined ingredients.

Stay Sun Safe

Hyperpigmented skin conditions like melasma are extremely sun-sensitive and easily exacerbated by UV exposure, making proper sun protection essential for treatment.

The American Academy of Dermatology stresses the importance of broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and recommends the use of sun-blocking products with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for maximum defense. However, there are no quick fixes. Treating this condition takes patience.

Effective Skincare Products For Skin Tone Restoration

Simply Brilliant
This gentle yet powerful brightening serum is packed with ten skin-specific, plant-based brightening ingredients to  visibly minimizes the look of dark spots and discoloration while preventing new problem areas from appearing. It’s even gentle enough for daytime use.

Peptide-Rich Defense
Broad spectrum SPF 50 helps protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun and it provides the ultimate blend of rich peptides and amino acids. This unique formula protects as well as moisturizes the skin to help prevent and reverse the signs of aging. With regular use, you will improve the look of skin firmness, tone and texture while you help protect against future damage.